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Mt. Ushba towers over the alpine village Mestia in Upper Svanetia.

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From the Caucasus Prometheus stole the heavenly fire, and to the Caucasus was he bound in rough-hewn diamond chains by the vengeful right hand of Zeus. The Greeks and Romans searched in earnest for the chains of Prometheus on Elbrus, but along the road from Imeretiy to Svaneti they point out even now they pointed it out to me myself "the precipitous "cliff of Prometheus".

Evgeny Markova, p. 54
Essays on the Caucasus, 2nd Ed. 1904

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Mt. Ushba "Tsar of the Caucasus" (view from the south).   Sh. Chartolani 1995


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Ushba, view from Mestia.   Shota Chartolani, 1988


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Mulakhi and the summit of Ushba.   Sh. Chartolani,   1997